Parking can be complicated.
With ParkMan it's not.

The Parking App

Find parking spaces in real time - and pay with one tap. When you open the ParkMan-app, you will see a map of the area around you. On the map, you can see how other users are leaving their parking spots in real time. The spot is likely still available for you! When you have parked your car, you can pay for your parking with one tap.

1. Find a Parking Spot

See how others leave their spots!

When another ParkMan-user stops parking, you'll see it on the map. If you're looking for a parking spot nearby, the spot is probably still available for you! The more ParkMan-users there are in your city, the easier it is to find a parking spot. Invite your friend to ParkMan - you'll improve the service at the same time!

2. Pay In A Snap

Pay only for the time you park.

Parking payments are easy with ParkMan. The app finds your position with GPS and you can change your location if needed by panning the map. You start parking by pressing “Start parking”-button and by confirming your car's licence plate and parking time. Parking can be stopped at any time by pressing “Stop parking”-button. The app also reminds you 15 minutes before your parking ends. You can extend your parking at any time while you have ongoing parking.

3. Easy Billing

Automatic charging from payment card.

We charge your parkings on a monthly basis from your payment card. You will get a reciept of your parkings to your email each month. We support the following card brands: Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard ja Maestro.

The transactions are handled by our international partner PayEx. PayEx is a PCI-certified payment processor and all communication is SSL encrypted.

4. Enemies Become Friends

Say goodbye to parking tickets.

The parking wardens check your payment status based on your licence plate number. Some cities also require using ParkMan windshield sticker. We'll send you one sticker automatically when you start using ParkMan if sticker is required in your country. Additional stickers can be ordered at any time through the app.

Personal account

  • No monthly fees
  • Registration 0.00 €
  • Parking fee + 0.49 € / parking

Does ParkMan work in my city?

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